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The Chicago Mammals are proud to present ALL GIRL FRANKENSTEIN

adapted by Bob Fisher*

Science and magic upset the natural order, when Man attempts to use the Promethean Flame to control the mechanisms that generate life!

The Chicago Mammals bring their dark, indulgent, salacious style to the classic tale of Frankenstein. After his demanding mother passes from the mortal coil, Victor Frankenstein is driven by his regrets to discover the means of reanimating the dead. When the creature he resurrects attempts by itself to manifest life, resurrection and procreation co-mingle igniting disastrous abominations!

Starring Erin Myers* as VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN and Amy E. Harmon as the CREATURE

Also Starring Liz Chase*, Julie Cowden, Jessamyn Fitzpatrick, LorenJones, Sarah Koerner*, Whitney LaMora, Erin Orr*, Anna Robinson, SashaWolloch

With Paige Wood Reilly, Rose Sengenberger, and Anne Walazsek in our accompanying production of 3 Girl Frankenstein directed by Krista D'Agostino

* Denotes Chicago Mammals Company Member

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