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ALL GIRL DRACULA adapted and directed by Bob Fisher

A dark, salacious take on Dracula starring an ensemble made entirely of actresses.

Mina Murray is caught between a Carnivorous Ancient Evil and an Uncompromising Sadistic Zealot. Both Dracula and Van Helsing yearn for violence, even if their appetites are spurned by opposing goals. How will Mina Murray survive? As she tries to protect the people she loves, will she be forced to decide which of these powerful villains is the lesser of two evils?

The Chicago Mammals are proud to present All Girl Dracula, the fourth production of the All Girl Project.The All Girl Project was started in 2010 as a way to create exceptional opportunities for actresses to perform roles from the Western Canon that they rarely if ever get to portray. 

Starring Sarah Koerner* (Dracula), Erin Elizabeth Orr* (Abraham Van Helsing), Amy E. Harmon (Jonathan Harker), Whitney LaMora* (Mina Murray), Anne Wilson* (Dr. Jack Seward), and Sasha Warren* (Lucy Westenra), and Kelly Yacono (The Giggle Girl, Bride of Dracula)

Also with the design talents of Leigh Barrett, Johnny Moran, Emily Breyer, Stephen Gawrit, Ashley Corbett, Rachel Boylan

Whitney Lamora Currier as Mina Murray and Sasha Warren as Lucy Westerna
Kelly Yanoco as the Bride of Dracula
Erin Orr-Fingerman as Van Helsing
Sarah Koerner as Dracula

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