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the just project

What is the JUST PROJECT?

Member Emeritus, Erin Myers as Victor Frankenstein in the Chicago Mammals' production of ALL GIRL FRANKENSTEIN

The Chicago Mammals' Just Project creates opportunities for women to perform roles from the Western Canon that they rarely get to portray.

In 2010, the Chicago Mammals produced their first project cast entirely with women, All Girl Moby Dick. In the following years they went on to produce All Girl Frankenstein, All Girl Dracula, and All Girl Edgar Allan Poe. Currently an adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's Master Builder is under development. Also, the Chicago Mammals and The Just Project are working on a film version of their Dracula adaptation entitled JUST DRACULA.

Founded in 1999, the Chicago Mammals are a collective of theatre artists, storytellers, and provocateurs.

The Chicago Mammals mission is to creatively explore America's History, Mythology, and Destiny through the genres of Science Fiction, Horror and the Phantasmagoric.

"It is indeed a world unto itself. And perhaps that is achievement enough: the creation of a wholly new landscape" - New City Chicago on ALL GIRL FRANKENSTEIN

For more about the Chicago Mammals' JUST PROJECT (formerly called the ALL GIRL PROJECT), please check the links below.

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