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About the chicago mammals

What are the Chicago Mammals about?

Member Emeritus, Erin Myers as Victor Frankenstein in the Chicago Mammals' production of ALL GIRL FRANKENSTEIN

Founded in 1999, the Chicago Mammals are a collective of theatre artists, storytellers, and provocateurs.

The Chicago Mammals mission is to creatively explore America's History, Mythology, and Destiny through the genres of Science Fiction, Horror and the Phantasmagoric.

Using live performance, puppetry, video installation the Chicago Mammals have explored the realms of Film Noir, Gothic Literature, Americana with work that is haunting and beguiling in a singular way that audiences have come to know as the unique "Mammalian" touch. Most recently, the company has turned its attention toward creating more opportunities for actresses with the founding of The All Girl Project.

"It is like Dario Argento putting flowers on the grave of Raymond Chandler." - The Chicago Reader

From 1999-2008, the company produced The Noir Trilogy, a triptych of plays that indulged in hardboiled storytelling while incorporating the macabre. The Noir Trilogy includes Devils Don't Forget, Breed With Me, and The Meatlocker. An essay by Kerry Reid can be found here.

The American Dream perceived through the lens of genre is very important to the company as seen the works like Seven Snakes and Don't Give That Beast A Name.  

Projects like My Dinner With Divine and Mexican Wrestling Macbeth also show the Chicago Mammals' silly side.

In 2010, the Chicago Mammals embarked on their most ambitious project to date, The All Girl Project. The purpose of the All Girl Project is provide actresses an opportunity to perform roles from the western canon that they rarely get to portray.

In 2018, the Chicago Mammals are moving into video content for an online audience. This summer KAFKA'S TRIAL GOES GONZO will begin releasing episodes in what the Mammals compare to an episode of Seinfeld if it were co-directed by Lynch and Gilliam.

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